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Roof Deicing Systems

Often an afterthought until there is a major issue, protect your property from costly damage and risk of grave injury created by the buildup of snow and ice damming on roof and gutters.

STEP Roof Deicing low voltage powered radiant heat systems are designed to ensure your roof remains structurally sound and protected while doing so efficiently, safely and hassle free for the life or your roof. Gutter systems are also available to ensure melted snow from the roof is properly drained to the ground.

What is STEP HEAT?

STEP HEAT’s core heating technology advantage is centered around its innovative and award-winning carbon polymer heating elements. Unlike any other, STEP HEAT heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable to allow for easy installation. This unique and patented material performs like its own temperature sensor to continually adjust its heat output to changing conditions at all points across the heated area.

The result is substantial consumption savings, no wasteful overheating, and elimination of potential roof damage due to thermal cycle shock. STEP Roof Deicing heating elements are covered by a 10-year outdoor use limited warranty and powered using safe, low voltage current (24-50 volts AC or DC) that requires no third wire grounding, or ground fault devices.
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Where can STEP HEAT be used?

Unlike any other radiant heating system, STEP HEAT can be placed under virtually any surface!
















Down Spouts



Ultimate Peace of Mind

Rest assured knowing your roof is structurally sound, protected from injury risk, and free of mold growth from breached roof systems.

Energy Efficient

Combines self-regulating heating element technology with unparalleled surface area coverage to provide substantial consumption savings.

Increased Health & Wellness

Eliminate the stress of roof snow removal emergencies, gutter damage, physical injury, costly repairs, mold exposure, and dealing with insurance claims.

Zero Scheduled Maintenance

Eliminate the expense and hassle for preventative maintenance requirements and inspections while extending roof life.

Design Flexibility

Each roof system is custom engineered and optimized to your structure’s unique specifications, requirements, and location.


Heating elements are made of recyclable non-hazardous and biodegradable materials with less than 1% waste during manufacturing.

Silent and Invisible

No system operating noise or unsightly heating cables on roof exteriors that are prone to detach in windstorms.

Intrinsically Safe

Low voltage powered heating elements require no grounding and are shock protected without the need for ground fault circuits.

Quick & Easy Installation

Heating elements are thin (3/64” thick) and flexible, yet rugged and durable for outdoor installation. Prefabrication services are available to reduce on-site installation time.

Ten Year Warranty

All heating elements are covered by a 10-year limited warranty to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

Whether a residential or commercial property, flat or pitched roof design, all STEP Roof Deicing and STEP Gutter Deicing systems are custom designed based on local site conditions, finished materials selection, and roof architecture. When considering a roof and gutter deicing solution, experience the ease of working with the Green Wave Distribution Team.

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